Here Comes the Wolf

by Tuxis Giant

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beg_sur desolate and dense at the same time; empathy soundscapes, atmosphere poems Favorite track: Quiet Type.
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blood craisin thoughtful writing... brooding melodies... tension drawn out and unraveled over remarkable build-ups. very nicely done! xoxo Favorite track: The Window.
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recorded, mixed, and mastered by Bradford Krieger at Big Nice Studio in Lincoln, RI, summer 2017

Matt O'Connor - guitar, vox
Tim Regan - bass, piano
James Steinberg - drums, aux percussion

all songs written by Matt O'Connor, arranged by Tuxis Giant
produced by Bradford Krieger and Tuxis Giant
album art by Brad Ziegler (

special thanks to: Brad K for sage advice and good hangs; Brad Z for the photo; Nora for help with the tape; friends at Trixie's Palace, Modesthaus, Shed Cellar, ER, All Night Diner, and BBV for always giving us a home; Mom and Dad for letting us tour with their car; Abe for being a good dog; the rest of our friends and family in Boston and elsewhere


released April 6, 2018


5/16 - O'Brien's Pub - Allston, MA w/ Blessed, Ozlo, Lunar Throne
5/25 - BBV - Allston, MA (SOLO) w/ Puppy Problems, Dan Wriggins, Olivia W-B

5/29 - Remedy Music - Worcester, MA w/ Bunny Boy, Toothy, Dallas on the Dotted Line
5/30 - Jim's Basement - Burlington, VT
5/31 - Nightosphere - Albany, NY w/ Wyndwood, Lone Phone Booth, I feel okay, Laveda
6/1 - Guitare Centre - Philly, PA w/ Another Michael, 22 Halo, 2nd Grade

6/7 - Great Scott - Allston, MA w/ The Rural Alberta Advantage


all rights reserved



Tuxis Giant Boston, Massachusetts

sometimes quiet
sometimes loud


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Track Name: Good Dogs
when the rain came
it covered everything

old rivers bubbling
bathtubs overflowing

and all the good dogs in me
started barking

when they saw the lightning
'cause evil comes, every time,
like thunder does

now what I planted
is so overfed

and there's no telling
what it's coming out as
Track Name: Mud Season
starts slow, then it grows

that mud's got a hold of me
it's taken control
and I feel so uneven
after so many months of snow

I go out of the first time

sun's getting higher
mud's hardening up
now the hunchback is permanent
(my own little cave)
and I'm making my own shade

~ ~ ~

here comes the wolf
with a heart in its maw
human parts all over the lawn

here comes the wolf
with a heart in its maw
broken parts all over the lawn
Track Name: Regan
when Regan thinks of D.C.
feels like a dream

and when she sees her mother, it seems
there's something missing

she visited the Georgetown steps
for no real reason

she wanted to feel
familiar in distance

so if you're using time
to put it back in line
I'll be the one you let die

the house is keeping alive
with something in its insides

strange shapes rise and fall
with the tooth rot on the wall

and if it let its legs out
it'd dip in the canal

it wanna drown, not be the ugly thing in town
it wanna drown

so if you're using time
to put it back in line
yeah, if you're choosing life
I'll be the one you let die
Track Name: Hunchback
went to bed a man
and woke up a hunchback

people around don't know how to react,
so they made me the town project

taking turns spraying me with the hose
making plates of specific bait
they chose for their special fish

and I don't miss the lips
with which I used to kiss

I just wish I wasn't this

'cause what happens to the kid
that never fits?
Track Name: Fiona
Fiona is the name I want
when I'm done being this one

in the mirror alone, wearing pretty clothes
blank twin has the same expression
he had on at 15...and 21

how could anybody know?
you're just an animal

how could anybody know?
Track Name: Family Voice Box
mangy in the summer months
hunchback wanders in the yard

didn't know he was being watched
by Dad and Mom (with the family gun)

told everyone to shut the fuck up

the family dog wanted to bark
but they took his voice box

"now he never has to learn to worry"

Dad hung up his empties on the Christmas tree

ain't he jolly??

oh, Mommy...
Track Name: Graveyard Dogs
came out of the ground
foaming at the mouth

started running around
you could see 'em

digging up lawns that they used to lie on

visited the corner store
bit the owner

ran into the school yard
pretty soon:

everyone in town is foaming at the mouth

everyone in town
Track Name: The Window
one more hit, and I'll be shattering
lay out like a pile of sticks

saw that dog staring in the window
jaw locked, skin and bone

wanted to give it a treat
but she'd be coming back for weeks

so I made a noise I thought would be scary
and out from her empty belly came something angry

now I never wanna leave
built myself into the load-bearing beams
Track Name: Quiet Type
maybe I wanna give up the fight
I know there's different ways of losing it
mine's the quiet type

waited 20 years for my lucky star to appear

followed it back to the end
and discovered that she
was already dead

you're too fucked up to be in love
or give a shit about anyone

you're too sad to be in love
or give a shit about anyone

be the number one:
beer sinker
weird thought thinker
organ bleeder

but you're never gonna feel her fingers
or sing the right thing to carry
her back to sleep

you're too fucked up to be in love
or give a shit about anyone
Track Name: Here Comes the Wolf
I'm alright, but tonight I wanna die

wolf gives me the eye
when Frances sings,
happy to see me

now I think: "what's buried
underneath this house
nobody lives in?"

furniture speaks: "have you
seen the ice dam gathering?

it's gonna cave in."

I'm alright, but tonight I wanna die.
Track Name: Almost Enough
woke it up, now it's watching from the walls
and in my heart I know it never stops

bleeding the weekend, looking for my friends
going out to shows 'til I can't feel anything

unhatched as it is, I can still feel the pieces
working on my skin...a thousand molars
touching in the dark pucker up
to begin its a-chewing

wake up in the morning
with less meat, but still, it eats

even when it isn't hungry, it eats.

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