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by Tuxis Giant

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all money made from this release will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union www.aclu.org

Recorded in Allston, Cambridge, and Wilmington VT in October 2014-March 2015. Music by Matt O'Connor. Mastered by Keenan Hye. Album art by Brad Zielger (bradzieglerphoto.com).

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released April 18, 2015



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Tuxis Giant Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Apocalypse Blues
whose blood
do they plan to feed me now?
I think I've had enough
of all my killing

I should be leaving town
but you can't outrun the dead
and they're running down my hands
so there's no forgetting them.

you know, you look so good tonight
I think you might be my final friend
thought I'd pull my fangs
but I think I'll indulge them

'cause I can't fulfill my appetite
see your blue eyes in the darkest night
gold hair like a holy fire
I can't get no relief...

but you know that I'm full of shit
I'll stop saying I can't get over it
no white boy blues are permanent
I just don't know what to do

and you know I've been drinking too
and it might be the Apocalypse
'cause I thought I saw Him coming for us
but it was just you with your arms like a crucifix

we were walking down that dim-lit street
balancing on concrete
when these words dug holes in your feet and hands
'til it was the end.
Track Name: Mountain Mills, VT
saw buildings underwater
and ghosts around the reservoir

blue graffiti said
"I ain't gonna be no
goddamn cog
in a goddamn machine."
he was speaking to me
and the trees were howling
and the sun was frowning
and damn, I felt like drowning.

drove to a mountain town
where a flood came down
from the hurricane south.
wind blew out
all the windows of the CVS
so the tourists up and left
back to New York
and Massachusetts.

saw buildings underwater
and ghosts around the reservoir
Track Name: Empire State
don't know what to do
or where I'm going to
but I really hate the place where I'm living

what did you write
when you said goodbye?
is there something in the words that I'm missing

I'm not lonely, this is just what I'm living in
and if I see you on a city street
I will put you in the suitcase of my memory
so I can take you with me

so I talk talk talk
to the ghosts on the sidewalk
in all the years they've been listening

'cause since you've been gone
there's nothing left to lean on
and I can feel myself slipping

and I will follow you through Empire State
and if I see you on a city street
I will put you in the suitcase of my memory
so I can take you with me
Track Name: Home
well I like the way you come around
in and out of our parents town
so if you're coming home,
let me know

I saw you out at the Durham Fair
in the Summer Kids that have your hair
so if you're coming home,
let me know
Track Name: Roman Candle
where I go
where I go
I won't know

where I go
where I go
I won't know

but if I live with my fear
this could be my year.

I walk alone at night
I let my love out like a kite

I could be roman candle
I could be honey yellow light

I won't freak out again
burn up all my friends

if I keep my head clear
this could be my year
Track Name: Summer Kid
summer kid
you've been dragging your feet
wrapped in that gold-leafed heat
you make a scream sound like laughter
down a dead-end street.

summer kid
when your days are done
sunk like a setting sun
where will you run
where will you run?

summer kid, summer kid
I've seen you swim
in that same skin
that we've been sleeping in

summer kid, summer kid
I heard you say
nobody knows you

summer kid
don't look back
stay on that right track
there's a bluebird in your heart
but it's melting like wax

there's a bluebird in your heart
but it's melting like wax.
Track Name: That House Was a Shell
he went to the army
to fly overseas
though he lied to get in
yeah, just seventeen
when he drifted from Brooklyn
to be something other
than what he was being.

he came home and married
bought a house on a lake
where he never went hungry
but one day was killed by a loneliness
greater than the mightiest
Empire State.

and my mother cried
though her mother cried harder
they waited in Hell
two sons and a daughter
and a woman who stayed
though she knew
that house was a shell.

now I live in Boston
my head's filled with fear
it's quiet like the snow
in New England this year
there's no telling how long it'll be
before it all ends

how long will this thing
still shake in my hands?
how long will I walk
like I've got the bends?
I came up too quick
now there's nowhere to go
but down again.

so how do you die
when you know there's a reason in staying alive?

I don't wanna die
but I don't know the reason in staying alive.